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At the heart of Dawson Chiropractic beats family and the desire to bring Christ-centered care and healing to those you love. As you walk through our doors you will be filled with a sense of hope, healing and happiness. We are focused on quality care for our patients and aspire to show character and respect in our office daily. It is our purpose to help you achieve you personal health goals and to reveal inner miracles so great that you desire to share them with your family, friends and community!

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Dr. Aspen Dawson D.C., R.D.

Trubalance Colorado Owner

I am a Loveland native with a degree as a registered dietitian and doctor of Chiropractic. As early as a freshman in high school I knew I wanted a career in nutrition and wellness and because of this was able to graduate with my undergraduate degree in only three years. While at the University of Northern Colorado, I was honored to be the 2001 Dietetic Student of the Year for the state of Colorado as well as the Community Health and Nutrition Student of the Year. I then went on to get my doctorate of Chiropractic and from there co-founded Dawson Chiropractic and TruBalance Colorado. Because of my passion for nutrition and wellness, I have continued to do countless hours of continuing education in these areas. I am truly a lifelong student! My desire and goal is to help as many people as I can.


Dr. Jerod Dawson D.C

Family Chiropractor

Chiropractic Was a Natural Choice

Before I decided to become a chiropractor, I knew I wanted to help people who were settling for less-than-optimal health. I was dissatisfied with the traditional medical avenue of taking medications to cover up health problems.

Whether it’s a need for higher energy or better focus and function, chiropractic can help you. It was a natural choice for me to guide people to a better quality of life, without the use of drugs.”Unleashing Our Health Potential

Dr. Jerod Dawson attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO. He began with a strong interest in sports chiropractic but soon realized he wanted to impact all of his community members. He changed to focusing on subluxation-based chiropractic for family wellness.