Veterans Care

Chiropractic Care for Veterans in Loveland, CO

Individuals who sacrifice their lives in service of our country and its citizens are heroes, and we should honor them in any way we can. To those who have served our country in the military or as a first-responder, we say thank you!

Chiropractic Care With A Purpose

While in Chiropractic School Dr. Dawson was able to have the honor of being chosen to serve Veterans at the Kansas City Veterans Hospital as an intern. During that time it was obvious that these soldiers who had served us needed to be served with excellent chiropractic care. The changes and improvement that he saw to those veterans during that time led to our veterans and first responder special. To those who have done an amazing job serving us, we want to be able to give back in gratitude for that service. We are proud to offer chiropractic care for veterans in the Loveland, CO area.

Veterans Discount

For your service and as a way of giving back to you, we offer a discount for all veterans and first-responders who come into our office. We know there's a need to help provide physical care for people who have been under that type of stress, and we have the experience to know how well their body responds to chiropractic care.

We honor you and if you have any questions please reach out to us today! Feel free to call or schedule yourself.


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"Wonderful, skilled Doctor, epic human beings. The conversation and atmosphere is as appreciated as the adjustment. This needs to be the next place you visit."

- Ben Davis, May 23, 2019