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There’s nothing we love more than helping people achieve their weight loss goals, and whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, we have the program to get you there. We use a clean, all-natural program called True Balance, which attacks weight loss from a detox perspective and provides long-lasting health benefits and results you’ll want to show off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is True Balance?

A special weight loss program designed to help people lose weight and improve their overall health in a natural way.

Does True Balance use any type of weight loss shake?

No. This program uses real food without any of the gross tasting shakes. Nothing is processed; everything is natural and clean, including the supplements you take. The program also doesn’t use any type of hormone treatments to accelerate weight loss.

How much weight will I lose on True Balance?

Women, on average, lose 15-25lbs in the first 40 days and Men lose an average of 15-45lbs.

How is True Balance different than a fad diet?

Fad diets are built for short-term weight loss and don’t address any of the underlying issues as to why weight gain happened in the first place. True Balance does exactly what the names says. It balances. It detoxes the body and resets the metabolism all at the same time, while providing education on proper nutrition.

Is there any sort of accountability?

Yes. After an initial consultation, and upon sign up, you are entered into the True Balance online program. This allows you to enter your weight daily, as well as access Dr. Aspen at any time to ask questions or raise concerns.

Is everyone put on the same weight loss plan?

Everyone is on True Balance but the plans are unique to each person. Your consultation with Dr. Aspen allows you to share any challenges you’ve faced in the past with weight loss so she can get a sense of how to move forward. This is also a time to share weight loss goals and, from there, Dr. Aspen puts together a specific plan to meet your needs and achieve full-body wellness through the program.

If you have further questions, give us a call or schedule a time to come see us person!

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