Back Pain

Restore Your Range of Motion

Treat your back pain with chiropractic care in Loveland, CO

Back pain is one of the most common ailments people experience as they age. Your spine and surrounding muscles have to take on a lot of pressure from external forces each and every day. If you're struggling to simply get out of bed each morning, turn to Dawson Chiropractic for care and treatment in Loveland, CO.

Your back pain doesn't have to control your life. We're a family-centered practice providing hands-on, personalized care. Call today to set up an appointment for targeted chiropractic care.

Fight back pain at the source

There is no cookie-cutter approach to chiropractic care. Back pain can manifest from the tiniest misalignment and spread quickly to your shoulders, neck and hips. In order to treat each patient with targeted care, we find the source of back pain with:

  • Neurological evaluations
  • Muscle assessments
  • Spinal exams
  • Digital X-rays

It's time to get your groove back. We'll help you restore balance to your body and reverse years of debilitating aches and pains.


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"Wonderful, skilled Doctor, epic human beings. The conversation and atmosphere is as appreciated as the adjustment. This needs to be the next place you visit."

- Ben Davis, May 23, 2019